Client Results

We've collected just a few of the case studies from our clients below to show you what can be possible when you work with Timu Marketing.

Strategic recommendation and business analysis of Costco

Using the strategy of rapid inventory turnover and generating high sales volumes, Costco has made a name for itself as the number one discount club retailer. Costco is able to operate at significantly lower gross margins by combining low operating cost achieved by volume purchasing and reducing the merchandise handling.

In order remain as the leading warehouse retailer, our analysis suggested Costco must implement a better low-cost providing strategy as well as engage in updated marketing practices outlined in a ten-part model.

Export Market Analysis for Under Armour

This market analysis included four important elements: company and product analysis, target analysis, export strategy, and rules and regulations. Each of these elements was discussed in detail with different perspectives and illustrated more clearly with the uses of a map of Sichuan Province, timelines, and estimated cost of exporting.

This market analysis provided Under Armour a comprehensive view of how the company can make itself well-recognized in Sichuan Province, China, increasing market share in the region.

Market Research Analysis for Main Street Properties

This study was designed to investigate the perceptions and knowledge that college students and Pensacola residents have of Main Street Properties and the real estate industry.

The outcome of this study was to develop recommendations for Main Street Properties to implement in order to reach the 18-25 year old demographic currently not being targeted by Main Street Properties.

Don't take our word for it, here are what people have to say about working with us

Rachel Breiwick

Lead Editor, Amazon

"endlessly helpful and valuable thinker to a team in need of strategy..."

In my time working with Louis, I found him to be an endlessly helpful and valuable thinker to a team in need of strategy, fine-tuned analysis, and out-of-the-box thinking. He brings a fresh approach, and seems to always be available to dive into otherwise confusing waters and bring much-needed assistance and clarity!

Pernell Beals

Owner, On My Way Podcast

"Putting your business in his hands- trust me it definitely will grow."

At the end of the day, trust me...you're never going to find anybody that works harder than Louis. Who works harder and brings you more information and again dedication is by far something that is in him. Putting your business in his hands- trust me it definitely will grow. Any individuals or business out there looking to take their business to the next level, hit up Louis.

Erika Cherry

Owner, Awaken Wellness

"I felt safe trusting him to help me grow my business."

When Louis and I first connected I was really honest with him. I told him I was clueless! That let him know where I was with running a business and that he was going to have to hold my hand... a lot! He did just that! He asked all the questions I had never even thought of and He was patient while I searched my soul for the answer. He took time to teach me concepts to make sure I understood how people would interact with my business. He listened to me and got to know me... my likes... my vibe... and then he came back with this product and plan that made me feel like he'd known me my whole life. I felt safe trusting him to help me grow my business. Louis' work ethic and passion shows through the quality of work he produces.

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