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One-Page Marketing Plan

Unblock Your Sales Funnel

Are You Struggling to Figure Out What to Do?

This free One-Page Marketing Plan will pinpoint exactly where your hang-ups in marketing strategy are and unblock your sales funnel, moving potential customers along your customer journey.

About the Author

Hey there, my name is Louis Newkirk and I'm the Founder/Lead Marketing Strategist here at Timu Marketing Agency!

I founded Timu Marketing Agency with one goal in mind: taking the skills I've learned from my years in marketing and consulting to help businesses define and sharpen their vision and then assist in bringing it to life in a way that connects emotionally with their audience.

I have worked with a number of companies from Fortune 500 giants like Microsoft and Costco, to small mom-and-pop businesses, to startups and non-profits in order to provide personally tailored solutions to growth challenges.

I am very passionate about consulting and working 1-1 with business owners who are looking to grow their existing business and I hope to work with you very soon!

Louis Newkirk

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